Date of Vedas – Myth propagated by Indologists.

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I thought that this should be my first article on this website because Untruth ie LIE and MYTHs are something that hurts without knowing the person. The most common MYTHS about Vedas are about it’s history and contents. These myths are INVENTED by “indologists” of british colonisation who wanted to decieve people of Bharat (India) . 

The most ridiculous and deceptive lies and myths about Vedas they spread is the so called “Aryan Invasion theory” – which says that some unknown people from middle Asia came to this country – Bharat (india) and they fought with it’s people and they “invented” Vedic culture here. Or probably they came with Vedic culture here around 1500 BC or 1700 BC  .

Actually British invented and produced this deceptive LIE because they wanted to show Bharatiya people (Indians) that just as “Aryans” invaded India (according to them) and brought their culture , we (the Britishers) are doing same with you !!! Just as you accepted their “rule” (according to Britishers) , accept our “rule” and “supremeacy” also ! 

The second thing British people lied is about the “date” of Holy Vedic scriptures. They did so because they wanted to make Bharatiya people (Indians) depressed and low. So that British “government” will run smoothly. So that people of Bharat(India) will not stand up against Britishers. So that real Aryans will doubt about their Aryatva. So that people of Aryavarta (India) feel inferior and hopeless. So that they can not stand up against any British colonisation and any barbaric British system. 

Great scholars of Bharat(India) stand up against “Aryan Invasion Theory” such as Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati. And he refuted all lies and myths about Vedas and it’s meaning and history in his great books such as Rigvedaadi Bhashya Bhumika and Satyarth Prakash. There are several Arya Samaj websites which have these books available to read online such as- and . I highly recommend reading the books of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati. So that lies and myths about Vedas and Vedic scriptures and their culture will be answered in great detail. 

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Satyamev Jayate – Truth always wins.

= Upanishad
Eeshaputra Vasant

Date- 6 July 2016 . 10:06 PM